Learn how to connect your Supertape site to various platforms to automatically sync your inventory and promote your profiles.

Working musicians often juggle dozens of platforms to promote, sell, and offer their music and merch. It's a lot of work, but simplifying this is at the heart of what Supertape does. With just a few clicks, you can link your many platform profiles to your site, and when you drop new music, videos, merch, or tour dates, they'll be added to your site automagically.

Platform links are used to connect your Supertape site to your profile on any of our integrated platforms. Once linked, we'll sync your profile information, along with any albums, products, videos, and events - depending on the platform. From there, we'll do an automatic nightly sync to grab any new items to your Inventory, and remove any old ones.

Good to know! Platforms often have their own unique features and quirks. Check out our Platforms area for specific details.

Any time a platform link syncs items (albums, products, etc) to your Inventory, each of those items also has their own link to the platform. These links shown on the album, product, video, and event pages of your site, and are sorted automatically by popularity - initially global popularity, and later by their popularity on your site.

Custom links are for linking to any URL or email address you'd like. You could link to a blog review of your new album, a podcast interview you did, your record label's site, another project you're involved with, your booking agent's contact info, or anything else. From there, you can add the link to your site's footer, post it to your home page, or share it with your fans.

Pro tip! Even if you don't plan on showing a custom link on your site, it's still handy to run any URL you're going to share with your fans through a custom link, so that you can track its stats.


Supertape gives you fine-grained control over which countries a link is available in. For platform links, this availability comes initially from the platform, but you have the ability to edit it from there. This information is used to show or hide a link on your site, depending on the location of the person viewing it.

For example, say you have an album on Spotify with a specific link for Australia, and a separate link for the rest of the world. Or maybe you have a shirt available in two different label stores that cover different countries. You'd simply set the availability of those links to match the those countries, and Supertape will intelligently display them to your fans.

Good to know! If you show a link in your footer, it will show in all countries, regardless of the link's availibility.
  1. Visit Inventory > Links and select the plus button.
  2. Select the type of link you'd like to add.
  3. Depending on the link type, either select your profile or provide the URL.
  4. Select which items you'd like to sync, if applicable.
  5. Select if you'd like to show the link to your site's footer.
  6. Select Save.
  1. Visit Inventory > Links and select the link you'd like to post.
  2. Select the three dots in the top right and then Post.
  3. Give your post an image and message, then Save.
  1. Visit Inventory > Links and select the link you'd like to edit.
  2. Select the three dots in the top right and then Edit.
  3. Make your changes, then Save.
Good to know! Not all fields can be edited for all links. For example, you can't change the name, info, etc. for platform links because those come from the platform.
  1. Visit Inventory > Links and select the link you'd like to delete.
  2. Select the three dots in the top right, Delete, and confirm.