Build a modern band website that's always up-to-date.

Link your Bandcamp, Spotify, Bandsintown, Shopify, and more, to create a beautiful website that syncs your latest music, merch, videos, and tour dates automatically.

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A website that's always in sync

Artists don't need one more thing to manage when releasing and promoting music, so let Supertape update your website for you.

When you drop new music, videos, merch, or tour dates, they'll be automatically added to your website. No work. Just link and sync.

Supertape syncs with your platforms
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No more managing ugly link trees, link-in-bio pages, and other intermediaries. Everything you need is now baked right into your website, branded, and up-to-date.

Simply share the Supertape link to your latest album, product, video, or tour, and your fans will automatically see the best ways to listen, buy, watch, or attend.

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Made for musicians

The first Supertape sites were our own. As artists who've been through the pain of releasing music, we designed Supertape to ease the burden of managing dozens of platforms, and let bands stay focused on what's important.

From features, to themes, to how-to articles, we're always focused on musicians. It's everything you need, nothing you don't. Influencers, content creators, and podcasters can use any other service. This one's for us.

Supertape is made for musicians

Some super features


Post your latest release, product drop, podcast interview - whatever, and it'll be featured right on your home page. Cut down the link trees.

Analytics and insights

Detailed stats for your site and links that also respect your fans' privacy. No need for Google Analytics or annoying cookie banners.

Beautiful, customizable templates

No-code templates designed specifically for musicians, each with its own modern look and feature set, ready to be customized.


Link your newsletter platform to allow fans to subscribe directly from your site to receive your latest news, updates, and releases.

Smart automation

We automatically find and aggregate all of your links, and prioritize them based on industry popularity and your site's own usage.

Territory support

Seamlessly combine multiple links to the same item for different countries, so your fans are always taken to the right place.

Add team members

Invite your band, manager, designer, booking agent, or anyone else to help manage your site with their own login. No password sharing.

Manage multiple sites

Easily create, manage, and switch between multiple artist sites. For those who play in, or manage, several musical projects.

Custom domains

Make your site feel branded and official with a custom domain. We provide simple setup for any domain using any domain provider.

Blazing fast performance

Built on cutting-edge technology, and cached on CDNs across the globe, your site is fast no matter where your fans are. Speed matters.

Industry-best SEO

Supertape sites are highly optimized for search engines like Google, making it much easier for your fans to find you online.

Free SSL

To further protect your fans' privacy, and get a nice SEO boost, all sites are automatically secured with their own SSL certificate.

Meet the three piece

Matt Mateus was a leader at a youth arts non-profit, Matt Wigham co-founded maker platform Big Cartel, and Chance Graham helped design Apple Music and many other products you may use everyday.

Now we've partnered to build the music service we needed ourselves. If you have any questions, or just want to say hey, reach out.


Link your Bandcamp, Spotify, Bandsintown, Shopify, and more, to create a beautiful website that syncs your latest music, merch, videos, and tour dates automatically.

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It's free