Learn how Supertape syncs your tour dates and how to manage your events.

Once you've linked a tour platform, Supertape will sync your events from that platform into your inventory. From there, we'll do a nightly sync of your linked platforms to grab any new tour dates you've added, and delete any tour dates that have passed or been removed.

Posting an event

  1. Visit Inventory > Tour and select the event you'd like to post.
  2. Select the three dots in the top right and Post.
  3. Add a short message, optionally change the image, and hit Save

Editing an event

Due to the nature of tour platforms, all events must be managed on the platform directly, and can't be edited or hidden on Supertape. Also keep in mind that third-parties, such as venues and booking agents, may have added your events to these platforms, and you'd need to contact them to request any changes.

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