No-code website templates designed specifically for musicians and bands, each with its own modern look and feature set, ready to be branded and customized.


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Flexible by design, ST-001 is a workhorse. It’s familiar in layout, centers your music with simple grids, and highlights posts prominently on the home page.


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Designed to let your album art take center stage, ST-002 is a minimalist’s template with clean lines and simple typography.


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Inspired by the typography of concert posters, ST-003 features a bold home page with an artist photo that provides color and interest through the entire site.


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With a simple and understated single-column layout, ST-004 is easily customizable for bands and musicians of all sizes.


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ST-005 features prominent social icons and a full screen background image that adds texture throughout your entire site.


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ST-006 is a big, rich band template. It lushly frames your photos and music and links posted on the home page are featured as prominent stories.


Arrow right icon ST-007 image 1ST-007 image 2ST-007 image 3ST-007 image 4ST-007 image 5

Borrowing from the minimalism of text editors, ST-007 features a a neutral canvas and clean typography that adapts to any genre.

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