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Supertape's Gumroad integration lets you promote your digital products on your own website, and automatically imports new releases as soon as they drop.

Synced from Gumroad

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How it works

  • Circle 1 icon Connect your Gumroad to Supertape
  • Circle 2 icon Your Gumroad products will be added to your site
  • Circle 3 icon Share a smart link to any of your products with fans
  • Circle 4 icon Track visitors and referrers to your smart link from your Dashboard
  • Circle 5 icon Promote Gumroad in your site's footer if you'd like
  • Circle 6 icon We'll sync with Gumroad daily to grab anything new

Good to know

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    Linking Gumroad requires you to login to your Gumroad account, so you can only link accounts that you have access to.

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    Supertape will sync all published products in your Gumroad account, even if you don’t add them to any sections on your Gumroad homepage. If we import a product you don’t want listed yet, you should unpublish it on Gumroad.